Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worth Reading

Here are some articles that I have enjoyed reading while I am vacationing. Enjoy.

It's 64 years since the dropping of the atomic bomb, and the debate continues as to the usefulness of this action.

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Mr. Clinton goes to Pyongyang. This article analyzes how the cost of saving two American journalists has been the bolstering of the dictatorship in North Korea at a time when we should be thinking of helping change these regime after Kim Jong Ill. Is Bill Clinton's trip a repeat of the failed 1994 trip by Jimmy Carter?

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Our Taxes at work. Most of the $2.4 billion in stimulus for hybrid cars will hand in foreign pockets.

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The NYT has just published this list of newspapers that have ceased printing.

The Natomas Journal (Sacramento, Calif.)
The Loudoun Easterner (Loudoun County, Va.)
Tipp City Independent Voice (Tipp City, Ohio)
The Eagle Times (Claremont, N.H.)The Message (Ludlow, Vt.)
The Connecticut Valley Spectator (Lebanon, N.H.)
Ann Arbor News (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
People’s Weekly World (Nationwide, Communist Party USA)
The Franklin Chronicle (Carabelle, Fla.)

The People's Weekly was an organ of the Communist Party and subsidized for decades by the Soviet Union. Would the NYT have listed newspapers subsidized by the other extreme if they had stopped publishing? Somehow, I doubt it.

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