Monday, December 7, 2009

A waist is a terrible thing to waste

Well, I continue to find things to ponder about in wonderful Boca Raton.

In my last entry I was commenting about the elderly gentleman who drove 22 miles to save 50 cents on strawberries. The other day I saw him again. And again he left me pondering.

I was at the pool. Yes New Yorkers, eat your heart out, I was at the pool while you were freezing your posteriors; when he arrived dressed in his swimsuit and a colorful shirt. So far everything was normal. I nodded at him and he nodded back. He then proceeded to remove his shirt. Upon completion of the removal I looked at him and had to grab the most important tool of Floridian swimmers: The Noodle. I was in such shock that I could have drowned without my orange noodle.

"What caused this shock?" you may ask. Was it a scar? Was it a tattoo? No.

I was in shock when I realized that the gentleman in question had no waist. The elastic on his bathing suit was wrapped around his breast. Can you picture this? Here was this specimen of a man wearing shorts that went from his knees to his nipples. Since then I witnessed other Floridians who were stricken by this strange deformity.

Can anyone tell me if this is contagious? Is it caused by expensive strawberries?

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