Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thanks for nothing, Hussein Obama

East Jerusalem

The posture of Obama’s administration with respect to East Jerusalem has encouraged the Arabs to take a different attitude toward negotiations with Israel.

Yesterday, Amr Moussa, chief of the Arab League stated that there will be no peace while Jerusalem is occupied.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a guest at the summit, said in his speech that the Israeli “violation” of peace in Jerusalem and Muslim holy sites was unacceptable.

Erdogan said that the Israeli position defining the whole of Jerusalem as its united capital was “madness.” Israeli construction in East Jerusalem was completely unjustified, he said.

These reactions are the direct result of the arm twisting and humiliation of Biby Netaniyahu by Obama. For seventeen years, since Oslo, negociations took place with the agreement that the status of Jerusalem would be negociated and not established as a precondition. 200,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem, and this sector of Jerusalem should be allowed to grow and develop just like any other city. Now, however, the Arabs have nothing to gain by negociating when they realize that Obama will do their bidding.

The world is watching this American administration, and I have very little doubt that many allies of the United States are looking longingly at the past “cowboy” administration.

From Iran to North Korea, from Russia to China, from Brazil to Venezuela, one can see the impact that a weak American administration is having on world affairs. Obama is kowtowing to dictators around the world, and these dictators are acting accordinly.

To quote Colonel Ralph Peters, we are playing checkers, while our enemies are playing chess. Guess who has better strategies.

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