Thursday, March 31, 2011

British Muslims for Israel

What a refreshing voice. In the following video you will hear from Hassan, a British Muslim saying exactly what millions of his coreligionists should be saying. If more Muslims voiced his opinions, a Palestinian state would have been in existence a long time ago.


Ilana said...

We do not need a Palestinian state IN ISRAEL.
What the people living in the area of The Land of Israel, which the G-d of Israel gave to HIS PEOPLE, need to do is live peaceably within it and accept the fact that this is G-d's Land which He has given to HIs people who are the caretakers of it.There is no mandate by G-d for a 'Palestinian' state in Israel!
You cannot and must not didvide HIS LAND...if you insist on this division then HE will bring judgement on your lives..not a wise thing to do !
Israel will survive forever and Jerusalem is the capital of the State of ISRAEL. Accept this fact.

Ilana said...

Look at this and see why ISRAEL is G-d's Land and His people whom He continues to establish in ISRAEL.Israel is a LIGHT to the nations
The Messiah will soon be here as the King of Jerusalem and the King of the whole earth !

Time to get ready for His soon appearance in Jerusalem !