Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did you hear that the passenger yelled Allah U Akhbar?

So you are watching or listening to the news provided by the mainstream media (MSM). The reporter mentions that an unruly passenger attempted to open the door of the cockpit and had to be subdued by courageous passengers. So far so good. Another story about a nut in a plane.

What was left out of the story tells us more about the MSM than about the story. Passengers aboard the plane report that the unruly nut was a Yemenite who shouted Allah U Akbar as he attempted to open the cockpit. Almost no one reported this last part. After all it might paint members of the religion of peace in a bad light. Another example of editorializing instead o news reporting.

Watch the following vignettes. Only the first reports about the yelling of Allah U Akbar.

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