Friday, June 3, 2011

Words Have Meanings

An item caught my eye while reading about the affaire Schwarzenegger and the child he fathered with a maid at his employ.  The article euphemistically refers to the fruit of this sexual encounter between a narcissistic bodybuilder and an ugly maid as the “love child.”  How does the infant terminator qualify for this sweet title that implies a loving couple dreaming of a life together with their progeny?

If we call the outcome of a quickie with a maid a love child” shouldn’t we call Weiner’s picture of bulging underwear a “love message?”

Words have meanings and manipulating and changing these meanings is paving the road to an Orwellian world where manipulation, propaganda and lies are used to transform reality.  In this world we suddenly have sanitation engineers, little people, undocumented immigrants and revenue enhancement.  Thus, we confer on a guy who picks up garbage the title of engineer, implying that he spent long hours in a lab at MIT calculating the impact of gravitational pull on a garbage can, when the reality is that this garbage collector probably finished high school as a result of grade inflation and principals pushing for higher percentages of graduates.

 Hey, little people are midgets.  You can call them whatever you want.  Their height is still measured in inches. 

 And if you entered the country without a visa, or with a tourist visa that you allowed to expire you are an illegal alien.  And yes, you broke the law.  And if caught you will be deported.

And when politician don’t raise my taxes but implement revenue enhancement measures, I still end up writing a check on April 15.

Addicts and alcoholics are taught the first step in the way to recovery is to recognize the problem.  Imagine an alcoholic standing up during his first AA meeting and stating his name and instead of declaring that he is an alcoholic, he declares that he is a wine connoisseur.  It sure sounds better and is a lot less stigmatizing.  But the character is still a drunken bum.
The child that is born as a a result of a horny and powerful man mating with an ugly maid will grow up knowing that he is as much a love child as the children produced by white planters with black slaves.
Let’s stop this game of changing words to make them more palatable.  
Can anyone tell me now the term used for the progeny of two pigs?

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