Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I Have Enjoyed Reading

Michelle Obama went to a homeless shelter to serve food. Here she is photographed by a homeless man who is too poor to have a home, but not poor enough to deny himself a cell phone. Only in America! Thank you

My favorite liberal has done it again. In her column in, Camille Paglia has written a scathing analysis of the problems plaguing the Obama administration, and she points her finger at the advisers and cabinet members of the new administration. The article is written in the style that is unique to Ms Paglia. Her fans will love it, those who don't know her will become her fans. Click here for a link to her article.

Politico has a good report on the withdrawal of Charles W. Freeman from his appointment as chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Freeman, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia suffers from the same malady afflicting so many diplomats who have served in the merciful kingdom, namely, petrodollaritis. This disease is manifested by an intense desire to lobby for the Wahhabi version of the world. However, some reporters who are versed in Washington issues, have reminded us that Freeman was also an apologist for the Chinese communists, and justified the Chinese handling of Tienanmen Square. Of course, the Israeli lobby is blamed for derailing his nomination. What else is new? Read the article here and read another interesting article on the topic here.

In Minnesota the New Market Mortgage Agency has instituted a system of Islamic Sharia Mortgages. Read the article here. I can't wait until the insane crowd in Minnesota institutes stoning and legalizes "honor killing" to ensure that Muslims don't feel alienated in this country.

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