Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Thank God we didn't elect Sarah Palin. She was so low class. Not like the erudite Biden who this week retorted to a question with a classy "Give me a fucking break!"

In the meantime another test for the Obama administration. Russia has just announced that it has an interest in using Cuban airfields for their patrolling bombers. Hugo "I wannabe Castro" Chavez has also offered his airfields to the Russians. Why is it that I have zero confidence in this administration standing up to Russia. It must be because of Obama's slogan in the campaign "restore diplomacy" and the "reset" button Hilary offered the Russian foreign minister. Hey Obama, remember these two words: "Monroe Doctrine."

Experts have warned us that we are in danger of losing 75% of the rainforest in Brazil. This brought back memories of my early teaching career. In the 1970's and 80's, social studies textbooks dedicated many pages to environmental disasters. Desertification, Global Cooling, Acid Rain, Population Growth were terms used in every Regents Examination. As I was preparing a lesson plan and looking for newspaper articles to motivate the lesson, I came across one that stated that every week we lose in the rainforest an area the size of Rhode Island. Well, this meant 1,545 square miles a week, which translated to 80,340 square miles a year. Therefore, according to the "experts" in thirty years we were going to lose 2,410,000 square miles. Now, the total area of Brazil is 3,287,597 square miles, thus, the rainforest in this country has to have become extinct in the last decade. But no, it didn't, and a new generation of experts will make sure that the supply of grants continues to support them by claiming that in twenty years the rainforest will disappear. I am not worried, because according to Al Gore, the world will self-destroy in ten.

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