Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do...

Times threatens to shut down Globe.

This is a headline that appears on today on the Boston Globe. When reading further we find out that the New York Times Co. bastion of liberalism, fairness and promoter of workers rights has given the unions at the Boston newspaper an ultimatum demanding $20 million in concessions. The articles continues:

"Executives from the Times Co. and Globe made the demands Thursday morning in an approximately 90 minute meeting with leaders of the newspaper's 13 unions, union officials said. The possible concessions include pay cuts, the end of pension contributions by the company and the elimination of lifetime job guarantees now enjoyed by some veteran employees, said Daniel Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Globe's biggest union, which represents more than 700 editorial, advertising and business office employees."
Ideologically I agree with give and take process of negotiations, and the give and take it entails, but there is a sweet irony in seeing the New York Times being in this position. After all, how often did they write editorials critical of labor? My recommendation to the NYT Co. is to call executives at Walmart and see if they will bail them out.

In the meantime, when asked to comment, executives at this corporation that exists thanks to news reporting, declined to comment.

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