Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elect me, and I promise never to relinquish the office of President

It never ceases to amaze me how the most undemocratic characters are always crying "democracy" while doing their utmost to undermine the basic tenets of a democratic society. This came to mind while reading about the the ousting of Manuel Zelaya, President of Honduras by the military of this nation.

Zelaya, an ally of Hugo "el payaso" Chavez, attempted to circumvent the one term limit on the presidency with an illegal vote that would have extended his term beyond 2010. Where did we see this before? Ah, yes, in the Democratic Republic of Venezuela.

The same is happening in Brazil, where president Lula wants to circumvent the terms limit imposed by this damn document and impediment to the title of "president for life" known as the constitution.

In Argentina Ernesto Kirschner was not able to extend his presidency so he had his wife run for president, and now she is continuing his agenda designed to move Argentina from her position of developing nation to underdeveloped one. This nation that was the sixth largest economy in the world 100 years ago, has assumed third position in the economies of Latin America, behind Brazil and Chile. Thank God for the Banana Republics that prevent Argentina from being at the bottom of the pit.

What is it about these characters who believe that only they can lead their nations and transform them into workers paradise? Who do they think they are, the Messiah?

We know very well that there can be only one Messiah, and he is leading already the United States. How long before he decides that two terms are not enough?

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