Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Representatives: "Don't expect me to read the bills I am voing for..."

So yesterday the House of Representatives passed the "Global Warming" legislation by a margin of 219 in favor to 212 against. This razor margin shows the cowardice of our representatives. Dozens waited till they had enough votes to pass this bill so that they could vote against it.

Regardless of your position on global warming; the fact that a bill 1500 pages long can be rammed through a legislative body without the legislators reading it, and with Waxman, the sponsor, admitting to not reading a bill that was written by environmental lobbyists should make us very worried about the future of our nation. The impact of this legislation will be felt for decades to come, and not because of cleaner air, but because of the transformative impact it will have on our economy.

Here we are in the midst of an economic crisis and we pass legislation that will make us even less competitive. Billions of dollars will be transferred to developing countries not to cut trees that they were not going to cut anyway. Imagine the business that despots in South America, Africa and Asia will do confiscating forests so that the US will pay them not to cut them down.

On carbon Cap and Trade, all you have to do now is build phony coal burning plants in the Third World and then cash the billions that American businessmen will send to those plants so that they don't pollute by operating them, thus allowing Americans to burn coal in the good old USA.

Lenin said "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." He was wrong. American legislators have sold them the legislation with which to hung us.

While this was happening we were glued to the TV watching round the clock reporting on the death of a drug addicted pedophile. It was quite a thriller.

If you have any doubt that democracy under the Obama administration and a Democrat controlled Congress is in trouble read this attachment from the Washington Examiner:

On The House Floor.

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