Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Andrew Breitbart on the NAACP and the Sherley Sherrod controversy.

The White House and the NAACP have been backpedaling on the Sherley Sherrod controversy and are using again the "out of context" excuse to defend the indefensible. But as Andrew Breitbart explains, Ms. Sherrod at the end of her comments explains that eventually she learned that it was not about black v. white but have v. have not. In other words; poor v. rich.

However one point made by Breitbart is crucial.  The giggling and approving black NAACP audience seemed to enjoy the narrative about the black woman screwing the white farmer.  They voiced their approval as Ms. Sherrod says that she didn't do  all she could have done for the white farmer.  They approve when she says that she took him to see a white lawyer so that "one of his kind" would help him. 

The audience had no idea that she would learn a lesson from from this case.  They enjoyed and approved of the black bureaucrat screwing whitey.

When Ms. Sherrod talks about "one of his kind" she is not taken out of context. There is no context where this description would fit except within a racist narrative.

For too long blacks and lefties have been saying that blacks cannot be racists because they lacked the power needed for racism to exist. Well, Ms. Sherrod had the power.

Watching the video of Ms. Sherrod's speech disturbed me because it ends up justifying the fears of all those of us who want a limited government. She explains how the white farmer came to her for help. Wrong, Ms. Sherrod. He came to the government for help.

Imagine under Obamacare a Sherrod having to determine the benefits of a white patient.  Let's not fire Ms. Sherrod.  Let's fire the government that allows the black and white Sharrods among us in positions of power.

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