Friday, July 23, 2010

TAX THE RICH! Yeah, Right...

Here is another example of the hypocritical liberal democrats. 

In the day that Charlie (tax-tax-tax) Rangel was charged with breaking House ethic rules and with failure to disclose financial interests, we also find out that senator John (more ketchup, please) Kerry is mooring his 76 foot yacht Isabel in Rhode Island, rather than Massachusetts, where his vacation mansion is.  The reason for this is that Rhode Island has repealed The Boat Sales and Use Tax, thus allowing the first family of ketchup and mustard to save almost half a million dollars.

What Kerry has done is not different from what thousands do around the country.  Multi-million dollars yachts of residents of south Florida register in Bermuda and the Cayman islands avoiding Florida taxes.  Every increase in this type of taxes leads to less revenue and more loopholes for those who can afford creative accountants. 

If I could, I would do the same thing Kerry has done.  Marry a billionaire's widow, and then look for places where to avoid taxes.  In the spare time, be a senator and demand that the "rich" pay their taxes.  By rich the democrats mean a teacher married to a cop in New York city.

By the way, the yacht was designed in Rhode Island, but built in New Zealand.  I wonder why.

Half a million here, half a million there; before you know you are talking serious money.

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