Saturday, November 29, 2008


Post-election violence in Nigeria has brought the number of dead to thirty-five.

I only hope that Abdullah Mngambi survived. He is the guy who emailed me that he would give me 10 million dollars if I helped him cash 30 million dollars his uncle Muhammad Mngambi, the former oil minister, had in a secret account in New York.

I only had to send him $10,000 as a sign of good faith. This represents a wonderful rate of return.

I have to leave now. I must send $5,000 for taxes to the guy who emailed me that I won the Canadian lottery. Canada is such a wonderful country. You can win the lottery without buying a ticket.


Danny said...

You sound just like the cynical loan officer did at the bank when I tried to garner the $10k for that ironclad Abdullah Mngambi deal!

Mario M. said...

You know Abdullah too? What a coincidence!