Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Reminder From Mumbai

For a short while we have taken a break from the financial crisis, when the events in India and the threat to attacks on Pen Station in New York reminded us that the threat to our civilization is no coming from some greedy capitalist on Wall Street but from the brutality of Islamism and its adherents.

Just like on 9-11, terrorists struck on Mumbai, a major financial center in India and a symbol of the success of economic freedom. It seems that every success story serves to remind Islamists of their failure to accomplish anything in centuries and like a spoiled child who prefers to break the toy of a friend if he cannot have one, so do they, in their savagery, intend to destroy us rather than strive to climb out of the dark age in which they are stuck.

The usual suspects, better known as “experts”, have crawled out of their offices in think tanks and academia to remind us that we must engage in dialogue with Islam and that Islamists constitute a minority of no more than 10% of Muslims. Is this supposed to make us feel better? Only 150 million savages want to destroy us and are whiling to die with us in the process and this is supposed to comfort us.

I too am for dialogue; the same type of dialogue we had with Nazism.

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