Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silence Means Approval

Eight Jews were asassinated at Mumbai. A report from Israel offers an insight into the horror at the Chabad House. The body of Rabbi Noach Holtzberg was found next to the assassinated kashrut supervisor. The body of Rivka Holtzberg was found wrapped in a tallit. It is believed that she was murdered before her husband’s eyes, and he managed to wrap the tallit before his own execution. Their baby’s birthday is today. Heartbreaking.

The same report mentions that some of the terrorists were British born. This should give us an insight into the mindset of these savages. These are not fighters for a rational cause. It is not Palestine, and it is not Kashmir. It is not poverty. Nor unemployment. This is pure unadulterated hatred for the infidel. I don’t want to hear anymore that they represent a tiny minority among peace loving Muslims. If Muslims don’t condemn it, their hands are as bloodied as if they pulled the triggers.

I am not talking about the pro forma condemnation of some Muslim leaders designed to make the Le Figaro, The Guardian, and the New York Times happy. I am talking about the ever-effervescent Muslim street ready to riot at the call of an Imam offended by a cartoon or the false report of the desecration of a Koran.

The time has come to tell this over a billion Muslims. You either condemn it, or your silence means approval. If it’s approval you choose, live with the consequences.

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