Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kowtowing to Petrodollars

I just found out about another two incidents that are showing how Europe is progressing in its metamorphosing into Eurabia. The examples are from England courtesy of British Midland Airways Limited (BMI).

In the first case BMI fired Lisa Ashton, a 37 years old stewardess who was ordered to wear an abaya, the black dress that covers every part of the body except hands and face, and walk behind her male colleagues while on stopovers in Saudi Arabia. The dismissal came when Ms Ashton asked to be sent on flights to Saudi Arabia claiming discrimination. Ms Ashton has sued, but the early court decisions have sided with the airline claiming that they had the right to impose rules that take into consideration other cultures.

The same airline is using a map that shows the progress of the flight. The maps are programmed not to include Israel, and instead have placed a dot with the city of Haifa, only that they spelled it Khefa, old Arab name by which it was known. The airline promised to correct this “error.”

Like Bob Grant used to say: “It’s sick and getting sicker”.

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