Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From London to Londonistan

Over the last two decades I have become interested in demographics and the impact that demographic changes have had on world politics. By far the best book on the topic is America Alone, by Mark Steyn. The reason I consider this the best study on the topic of demographics is that it is written in plain English, it is easy to understand without being simplistic, and most importantly is politically incorrect. Most studies conducted by members of academia are influenced by the fear of losing a grant or not getting tenure. Steyn doesn’t give a damn about correctness nor is he intimidated by thought police. A Google search would allow you to read more about him, and the persecution he faced at the hands of the Ontario Human Rights Commission on behest of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Today I was thinking about Steyn and his forecasts when reading an article published in the London Times. The headline of the article is “Muslim population 'rising 10 times faster than rest of society”. A study by the British Office for National Statistics has shown that the Muslim population in England is multiplying at a rate ten times faster than the rest of the population. This, combined with conversions and immigration has led to the Muslim population increasing in the last four years by 500,000 while the number of Christians has declined by 2 million.

This trend is not different from the trend seen in countries across Western Europe. The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany and Italy are facing similar demographic changes, and in many of this countries the shifts have become irreversible. After all, if a German couple marries when the woman is 27, and have a couple of children by the time she 30, in no way can they reverse the demographic changes occurring when a Muslim couple who is married when the woman is 19 and who by age 30 had six children. Many of this couple's children will at age 18 be sent to their ancestral lands to marry a native cousin, who will then migrate to Europe ensuring that by the end of the twenty first century Europe will become Eurabia.

While we are on the topic of Islam, yesterday Iran stoned a man accused of adultery. According to Sharia law, he was buried up to his waist and stoned with stones small enough to ensure a slow death. It is estimated that in some cases it takes up to half an hour to kill the the victim. I was stunned by the silence of of the media and human right organizations. I guess they were too busy fighting water boarding.

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