Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Religion of Peace Riots Again

Once again members of the religion of peace and believers in the “Most Merciful” are acting in a most unmerciful and non-peaceful way, while rioting in Athens. This time, they allege, because a policeman desecrated the Koran of an illegal Muslim alien in Greece.

For the purpose of discourse, let us assume that the allegation is correct. So what? The Koran is the sacred book of Muslims, and as such, they should treat it with the utmost respect. To me, and millions of what the Muslims refer to as “infidels”, the Koran is not more sacred than The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons, and just as believable. So, go ahead, riot. Demand respect, as the rioters asked in Athens have. Let me tell you, dear Muslims, give respect, if you want to be respected.

A week ago four Muslims in New York attempted to blow up a couple of synagogues and a USAF plane. Of course this was done also in the name of The Most Merciful. Immediately we heard from politicians about the need to understand that these four Muslims where not real Muslims. That real Muslims condemn such behavior. Radical Muslims are but a tiny minority within Islam. Forty-eight hours later a rabbi and an Imam were hugging for the press in a synagogue in Riverdale. Brotherhood has triumphed again. Or at least till their next attempt to kill us.

And no Jew or Christian has rioted. Perhaps this is our mistake, and we should take a page of the Muslim manual as to how to achieve respect. Let us start rioting in front of the Saudi embassies around the world, asking for the confiscated Bibles taken from Christians upon arrival in this corrupt kingdom which condones slavery, oppression of women, exploitation of children as camel jockeys, decapitations and honor killings, just to name a few elements that many of us find offensive, and are prevalent in the corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Let us riot demanding the building of churches and other houses of worship on the Arabian Peninsula. Let us riot demanding the right to send preachers to their prisons and try and convert their prisoners into what we consider the true religion.

But reading about Athens I noticed another group, just as guilty as the rioters. The media. The reports are about “immigrants”, the need for respect, understanding, tolerance and diversity. The mantra of the left in their criminally neglect of accurate reporting. Articles around the globe quoted the following sentence “Greek rights activist Thanassis Kourkoulas said the protest showed the migrants ‘have a voice’.” Did any of the reporters bother to check who Kourkoulas is before quoting him? Did they realize that they were quoting a communist revolutionary who in his desire to foment revolution is allying himself with those who upon triumphing would cut his head because of his radical beliefs?

Is it cowardice or is it ignorance that is making reporters paint pictures that are so far removed for reality? What is it about our politicians that makes them repeat again and again “peaceful religion?” How can a religion be deemed peaceful when at he core of its beliefs is the word Jihad? It is only in the non-Muslim world that a debate is taking place as to the meaning of this word. Within the Muslim world Jihad if fully understood. It means holy war. And if a religion can use the term holy war to justify its actions, they cannot clamor for the title of religion of peace. They have given up this right

I am so sick and tired of Muslim wounded pride and imbecilic sensitivity. Come on Muslims, grow up!

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