Thursday, February 4, 2010

Columbine averted in Staten Island thanks to courageous principal.

Under the zero tolerance policy implemented in New York and cities around the country, the possession of any kind of gun is prohibited, thus leading bureaucrats to implement the policy in the most ridiculous manner.

The latest example is the reprimand and near suspension that 9-year-old Patrick Timoney faced for bringing a LEGO policeman and a miniature gun to school.

Being a former supervisor in education, I am not surprised by the reaction of Principal Evelyn Matroianni. She is as spineless as most of the bureaucrats who work for the Department of Education where CYA is the modus operandi.

In 2007, a New Jersey 7-year-old was suspended when he drew a picture of gun.

Can you imagine this type of bureaucrat running the healthcare system?

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