Sunday, February 7, 2010

Worth Reading

Dr. Siddiqui found guilty. The making of a Western Jihadist.  Phyllis Chesler again hits the nail on the head in this analysis of the radicalization of Muslims born and educated in the West.

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George Will has written a terrific column on former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels and his plan to solve our economic problems and bring entitlememnts to solvency.  Of course the plan is too simple and efficient to satisfy those redistributionists in both parties who need a tax code to satisfy every interest group in existance.  As Will writes:
Today's tax system was shaped by sadists who were trying to be nice: Every wrinkle in the code was put there to benefit this or that interest. Since the 1986 tax simplification, the code has been recomplicated more than 14,000 times — more than once a day.
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