Friday, February 5, 2010

Recommended Reading

Once again Charles Krauthammer gives brilliant analysis of current Washington events. Read this column, and you need read nothing else the rest of the weekend.

Hey, did you know that if you are a Palestinian and you beat your wife, it's the fault of the Israeli occupation? Well, The Lancet, the British medical publication seems to agree with this thesis.

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Will Israel use tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out the Iranian nuclear program? Michael Goodwin of the New York Post seems to think so. Meanwhile Obama continues to demand a dialogue to solve the problem. If this fail, Obama will blame Bush.

Haiti, the country that in the best of times has had 300,000 children in orphanages and hundreds of thousands living in abject poverty in the streets, has suddenly discovered the need to protect its children. 10 Americans have been arrested and charged with abduction for attempting to get 33 children into an orphanage they had set up in the Dominican Republic without having completed the paperwork. In Creole this means not having bribed enough officials. I guess Haiti wants us to believe that the abductors were doing these because of the high demand for adoptions of black children. Give me a break.

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