Saturday, May 29, 2010

Depends on what the meaning of a "Job Offer" is.

The crisis that has developed into "Sestakgate", has forced us once again, to listen to a barrage of excuses that boil down to variations of “everybody does it,” and “it is no big deal.” Dozens of times I heard pundits and reporters paraphrase Claude Reims in Casablanca, ” I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” when describing the insignificance of offering Rep. Sestak a job to protect Senator Specter.

Well, I agree. Offering someone a job in exchange for political favors is not the worst crime that politicians in Washington are committing. Who would have thought of enacting laws that criminalize political favors and bribery in the first place? How will the United States manage to become a banana republic if we forbid politicians from offering or receiving favors or bribes? How is a politician to repay his intern or secretary for oral sex? How do we get a candidate to withdraw from a race without bribing him or her?

Therefore, the time has arrived to sit down and eliminate all those laws that when violated, will make us ponder why were they enacted in first place. But let the democrats and mainstream media not be hypocrites by clamoring for impeachment or resignations when a Republican commits the violation, and claim that it is no big deal when the violator is Obama.

And yes, Obama has broken the law. Do politicians think that we are so stupid as to believe that a report issued on a Friday afternoon, on the eve of Memorial Day Weekend when everybody is getting ready for the first days of summer is believable?

We find out that former president Clinton was used as a conduit to offer Sestak, a congressman and possible senator, a menial job in exchange for his withdrawal for a race. What was the response to Sestak’s question: “who authorized you to make this offer?” After all, former presidents can’t appoint to presidential commissions. If this was truly the job offered.

Clinton had lunch with Obama prior to the announcement being made. Could this have been to coordinate a response?

Sestak’s brother was called too. Why?

Let us change the scenario. Imagine a president McCain or Palin using former president George W. Bush to offer a job to Rubio in exchange for his withdrawal from the race against Charlie Crist. Can you see the commentators on MSNBC, or CNN or the New York Times dismissing this as no big deal?

The next time you are stopped by a trooper doing 65 in a 55 mph zone, try and get out of getting a ticket by saying “everybody is driving above the speed limit.” Good Luck!

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