Saturday, May 15, 2010

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It was fascinating to watch the video of Attorney General Holder trying to avoid using the term radical Islam in his testimony in Congress.

Doesn't the PC crowd realize that Muslims around the world can recognize weakness and fear, and that Muslims despise weakness and fear? Also, I had no idea that there are so many experts on Islam in the West. Whenever I hear comments such as Holder's that Islam has been hijacked by a tiny fraction, I would like also to also hear where did they get the evidence for this claim. Is this factual? If so show me the facts. Is it empirical? How about showing us the demonstrations in the Muslim world condemning terrorism? How about quoting the headlines in Arab and Muslim newspapers condemning Islamists. I am waiting to see any.

Now let us assume that it is a tiny minority that supports Islamism. When pushed the PC crowd likes to use the 10% claim. Only about ten percent of Muslims support Islamism. Wow. I feel better now. Only 125 million Muslims want to obliterate us.

Mark Steyn has written a wonderful article on the subject. Read it.

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Here is another article on Islamism.'

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On another front, I have spent last week watching and listening to the mainstream media and politicians condemning Arizona for the law just enacted concerning illegal immigration. Here Eric Holder was a lot less concerned about generalizations and condemnations. Well, it turns out that he didn't read the new law. Well, why should he? After all he is only the Attorney General.  He is busy enough with the law, you cannot expect it to also read the law. 

Congressmen that voted on Obamacare without reading the bill must have been shocked about Holder's admission.

Meanwhile, to ensure that "Latinos", whatever this might mean, are not integrated into American society, Tucson Unified School District has instituted an ethnic studies course designed to create our next homegrown liberation and revolutionary movement. I guess Holder would claim that Latinos have been hijacked by a tiny minority.

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Should everyone go to college? You answer this question. In the meantime, read this report on the topic from AP.

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