Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama to Israel: Drop Dead!

Once again the Obama administration is pursuing a policy that disregards public opinion, and slaps the face of the American Jewish community which voted for him in numbers second only to blacks.  The US in an unprecedented move backed a UN resolution for a nuclear-free Middle East that singles out Israel. This has has both angered and deeply worried the Jewish state although officials are cagey about openly criticising their biggest ally.

What is ironic is that the resolution which calls on Israel to to join the Non Proliferation Treaty and open its facilities for inspection, does not mention Iran.

This is a triumph for the Arabists in the state department and the administration. 

I am not accusing Obama of antisemitism, but of criminal naivete.  The type of naivete that leads to World Wars. 

545 days to go till the next presidential election. 

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