Sunday, October 18, 2009

The New Fascism

Let’s see if I remember my social studies lessons. There was a special definition for a government that denounced democracy as inefficient, scoffed at civil liberties, praised dictatorships, was extremely nationalistic and controlled every aspect of life, including the economies and workers organizations. Mmmmmm...what was it called? Oh, I remember…it was the definition for fascism!

Today’s New York Times is carrying an article under the banner Russia’s Leaders See China as Template for Ruling. What a surprise and how ironic that the tables have turned and it is Russia that does the emulating sixty-two years after being the role model for the Communist takeover of China. Putin has discovered the formula for success. Be fascist but call yourself a socialist. The West will love you.

Sixty-four years after the defeat of fascism, nations are using the templates of Hitler and Mussolini without hearing one word of condemnation from Western democracies. The reason is simple and exemplifies the power of words. Instead of calling themselves fascists, they use the terms People Democracies, Communists, Socialists or just plain Revolutionaries. But; a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Whether it is China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Bolivia or any of the many nations that are in the grip of despotic governments, the West accepts it because they use the mantle of the left.

And so it is that in the United States we can have Bill Maher, intellectual comic of the Left, announce that he envies China because it’s a dictatorship. Van Jones states that he is a communist, Anita Dunn quotes chairman Mao as her favorite political philosopher, the Hollywood elite, with high numbers in their bank accounts, and low numbers in their IQ’s, travel to Venezuela or Cuba praising the achievements of Castro and Chavez. Michael Moore continues making millions blaming millionaires. The UN blames Israel for everything, MSNBC gives a platform to the Left, the Dalai Lama is denied access to the White House, and we kowtow to Russia getting nothing in return.

All this because despots have discovered the magic of the Red banner. A few others are even shrewder. They know that they can destroy democracy, freedom and free markets under a different banner. The green one.

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