Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sarkozy to the Rescue

Hillary Clinton is virtually invisible, and to a large extent insignificant. Her role is now limited to presenting awards such as the one she presented to the Gays & Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies on winning the Employee Resource Group of the Year Award by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. The one region where we heard her name mentioned is Honduras, where she has managed to ally the United States with the wrong side in the conflict. Chavez-Castro-Lula-Kircher-Avo must be thrilled.

The important day to day operations of the Department of State is in hands on undersecretaries, while the Middle East and the Afghanistan-Pakistan axis are in the care of Ambassadors Mitchell and Holbrooke. Turkey is little by little going Green, as in Islamist Green, distancing herself from Israel, and getting closer to Ahmadinejad. Meanwhile Obama remains in campaign mode, travelling, playing golf and basketball, supporting bills thousands of pages long that he has not written or read and allowing American soldiers to die, because sending reinforcements to Afghanistan would antagonize the left prior to next week's elections.
Well, natura abhorret a vacuo. The vacuum created by this lack of leadership is being filled by French president Sarkozi. His speech at the United Nations, the nomination of a special envoy to North Korea, his posture against the naivete of Obama's "a world without nuclear weapons," are little by little positioning France in the position of a major player in international affairs.

When the French realize that America is disengaged and too soft, it is time to worry.

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