Saturday, October 31, 2009

Al Gore and Hot Air

Dear Al Gore:

After hurricane Katrina you told us that we could expect more such hurricanes and more devastation due to global warming. The media publicized your words and many were terrified by your warnings.

Five years later we don't talk of global warming anymore, but rather about climate change. Now any change can be blamed on industrilzed nation, except China and India.

Western states were buried in snow in October and November. Argentina had major snow storms the same month. Clarification for lefties: Argentina in in the Southern hemisphere, and it snowed in the middle of spring.

Where is the media playing and replaying your prophecies of doom? Why aren't they posting the graph below, and question what happened to your prognosticated hurricanes? The North Atlantic hurricane season is the slowest since 1997. Temperatures have not risen in 10 years, yet you are still the darling of the left wing environmental movement.

The time has come to tell the world that you wear no clothes. The Goremperor is naked.

Your agenda and that of your cohort is clear. Destroy western civilization as we know it and replace it with a new world order ruled by cheap intellectualoids with degrees in divinity, or political science, or psychology or women studies who have become pseudo scientists.

You have eliminated debate on the the topic of climate, and have become an inquisitor. Your followers are mini Torquemadas ready burn us alive.

If there is any global warming, it's due to the the hot air you produce.

More on the study Global and Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity

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