Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pallywood, the Palestinian Hollywood

In the picture on the right we see a wounded Palestinian being carried into the hospital in Gaza. The picture on the left came later in the day and seems to show the same wounded person with a brown jacket, black pants and black shirt on the floor on the right side of the white covered casualty. His legs seem fine. To the right of the body we can see a smiling Palestinian.

In this three pictures we see child paraded from man to man, and in the bottom picture an additional victim is added.

Thank you Israellycool.com, LittleGreenFootbals.com.

Several websites have once again begun to uncover altered photos from Gaza that have been distributed by Reuters and Associated Press. This is not a new phenomenon. Many of the pictures that came from the conflict in Lebanon had been altered with PhotoShop and superimposed victims; dolls, smoke and other elements that contributed to making the shots more dramatic and Israel look more brutal. The problem now is compounded by the fact that virtually all the photographers hired by news agencies in Gaza are Palestinians who alter their pictures either because of sympathy to the Palestinian cause or because of threats to their families by Hamas.

I will post examples here, and will add them as I find them on the Internet. Please come back to this posting to see updates.

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