Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Karen Koning AbuZayd

For those who are not news junkies, the name Karen Koning AbuZayd probably means nothing. However, for those who care about the welfare and reputation of Israel, and care about the way information is disseminated by important officials, it is important to know that Ms. AbuZayd is the Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNWRA). It is through her agency that hundreds of millions of dollars are distributed in Gaza and it is UNWRA schools that have become centers of Islamic indoctrination and laboratories for the manufacturing of weapons for terrorists.

I read an article written by Ms. AbuZayd about Gaza becoming a destitute state with the acquiescence of the international community. At no point did she mention the involvement of Hamas in bringing Gaza to the state it is in today. Her UN reports are known to contain one sentence discussing Palestinian violence and several pages describing Israeli responses.
I first came across the name Karen Koning AbuZayd watching a UN press conference on S-Span, wondering who was this woman who managed to distort every statement so as to portray Israel in a negative light. Upon doing some research I found out that she is an American who has been working for may years at the UN and had a B.A. in political science and a Masters in Islamic Studies. Furthermore, she is married to a Sudanese Muslim. Are these elements in her background enough to condemn her as an enemy of the Jewish State? In isolation no, but together yes.

I am sure that Karen AbuZayd is a capable and caring person who could do a terrific job all over the world, but not in the Middle East. If we had a UN spokesperson named Moishe who wore a yarmulke, I am sure that the world would not accept his positive statements about Israel as fair and balanced even if they were. We don’t leave our prejudices and sympathies at the doorway to our offices. In most cases this is not importatnt. However, when working for an organization that must serve as an honest broker and intermediary between warring nations, fairness and impartiality become paramount. Even if every phrase uttered by Ms. Abu Zayd were the truth, and there is much evidence to the contrary, for many of us her cultural background, family ties and education provide enough doubt to make us ponder if she is informing or propagandizing.

With Miguel d’Escoto Brockman as President of the General Assembly, and Karen Koning AbuZayd at the helm of UNWRA, Israel is now facing two enemies: one in Gaza and one on 42nd Street and First Avenue in Manhattan.

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Anonymous said...

Yours is a very ignorant point of view. You obviously know nothing about the Palestinian Israeli conflict from the beginning in 1917 to where we stand today.