Monday, February 9, 2009

Forest Fire Jihad

Several newspapers from Australia are reporting that Islamic websites are calling for the start of “forest Jihad” in Australia, Russia and North America. Followers of the religion of peace consider this a fair method of terrorizing and justify it under the doctrine of an eye for eye. The West is burning their land (whatever this means) thus; Muslims are justified in burning infidel lands by starting forest fires.

This is a dangerous development since it can be implemented by individuals without the need for terror cells or sophisticated technology. A can of gasoline and a deranged Muslim can cause damage in the hundreds of millions.

Perhaps, now that Iran has refused entry visas to Obama’s new diplomatic Badminton team, we can send them to play against al-Qaeda. This should show the Muslims that the West is all for peace and tolerance. If not, at least we get rid of the Badminton team and this boring sport.

How will Al Gore manage to blame those forest fires on global warming?

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