Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Using Infidel Science Allowed.

The headlines on the newspapers inform that the Arabian royal court has announced that Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz has undergone a successful operation in New York.

I read this after listening to Gert Wilders on one of the conservative talk shows. For those of you who are wearing blinders and refuse to see what is happening in Europe as the model of what will happen in the United States a generation from now, Gert Wilders is a Dutch member of parliament who was refused entry to Great Britain because of his views on Islam. The truth is that he was refused entry because a Muslim member of parliament threatened to bring ten thousand Muslims and wreck havoc on London if Wilders entered England and was allowed to espouse his views on Islam. So much for the birthplace of the Magna Carta.

But interestingly enough, this intolerance has never stopped Muslims from using infidel science and technology for their own benefits. The Wahhabi Prince of one of the most intolerant nations on earth had no problem coming to hospital in New York where he was treated by infidels using infidel technology and know how. I wonder whether he demanded that no women should be involved in his treatment. This though is less farfetched that you might think. Years ago, when the prince flew to Texas to meet with President Bush, he demanded that no female air traffic comptrollers communicate with his plane. What an opportunity missed by the United States to ask him to practice U turns and send him back to Arabian Peninsula.

I would have a lot more respect for Muslims if they practiced what they preached and separated themselves completely from Western influence. Let’s see how this would work; if a Muslim has cancer, treatment could be provided in Yemen of Afghanistan. Death would come faster, but it would be Halal. Terrorist could communicate using pigeons rather than infidel satellite phones and they could crash falcons into buildings. It would not bring the buildings down, but it would have a Muslim flavor. Muslim nations could return to donkeys and camels and avoid infidel automobiles.
Let them separate themselves from everything infidel. This would help fuse Muslim brains with Muslim science. They will both be stuck in the 12th century.

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