Monday, February 16, 2009

I want, therefore I am...

I am spending a ten days vacation in sunny South Florida, and had not intended to blog, since there usually is a correlation between my writing and a dramatic increase in my blood pressure. For several hours I was able to resist the temptation of reading anything, except my fourth book in the Flashman series, and enjoy the adventures of this scoundrel, who in contrast to our politicians, knows that he is a low life, and takes pride in it.

Today I got up early and decided to read just the headlines and a couple of my favorite columnists. Nothing more. So I turned the computer on and went to a news site where I was greeted by the stories of a couple of parasites who have become national heroes. Their claim to fame is having asked Obama for help. My mistake of course, was to read about these two shameless characters, who in contrast to heroes of yesteryears have become major stories because of their demands for help. Emphasis on the word demand.

The first parasite was Julio Oseguedo, 19, a “student” who has been working for four and a half years at McDonald’s and who wants the president to get him more and better benefits. Oh, the humanity! He is 19, a “student” who acts like a jerk and sounds illiterate, and the poor creature needs more benefits. Obama would have gotten my vote for eternity had he asked the secret service to kick Osegueda out of the townhall meeting.

The next blood sucker in this Oprah style meeting was Henrietta Hughes, who has been unemployed and homeless since 2003. Wow. She should talk to the Mexicans in my favorite restaurant. They seem to have found employment. They are waiters, busboys, dishwashers and cooks. By the way, before you target me as insensitive, I did most of these jobs myself upon my arrival to the U.S.

These are just two cases that exemplify all that is wrong with America. Society looks with pity at a 19 years old who is flipping hamburgers while he is a student. ( By the way, I don’t believe he is a student, and if he is, there is something wrong with American colleges. Or perhaps he is still a high School student. Who knows?) What benefits does he want? Perhaps in the stimulus package there are a few millions for limo drivers to drive hamburger flippers to and from work. Well…actually this would be more of a stimulus than saving a mouse in the wetlands of Pelosi’s district in San Francisco at a cost of 30 million dollars.

Homeless (whatever happened to word bum?) Henrietta Hughes has not had a job in six years and needs help from Obama. I guess she has not applied to McDonald’s because of fear of being in the same place with Osegueda. If one is unemployed for six years there are two explanations. Either he/she doesn’t want to work, which is fine with me as long as I don’t have to pay their bills, or there is something wrong with him/her, in which case they should not be displayed on national TV talking to the president.

Argentina, which used to be among the richest nations on earth, had Peron and Evita who were also for change, and who took "wish lists" and “provided” for the poor and homeless by printing money. What started as help became entitlements for millions who did not pay taxes. The result was the creation of a perpetual Peronist class of non-taxpayers that till this day doesn’t ask, but demands. This led, of course, to decades of hyper inflation and economic hardship, in conjunction with the disappearance of the Argentinean middle class. Hundreds of thousands of the educated class have left Argentina for the shores of the nations from where their ancestors came to escape economic hardship. And this model seems to be where we are heading now in America. Just replace Peronist for Democrat.

If Osegueda and Hughes were not enough to cause me heartburn, an article in
the New York Post served as the coup de grace. Here it is:

The city is starting a program to buy vacant apartments to bolster its affordable-housing stock, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced in her annual State of the City speech yesterday.

The plan, which Mayor Bloomberg supports, would empower the city to buy unsold condos and co-ops and ensure they are resold as affordable units.

"Where developers have units they cannot sell, the city will negotiate the lowest possible price and make these homes affordable for middle-class families to rent or buy," Quinn said at City Council chambers.

Details will be rolled out in the coming months, according to Quinn and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Lieber.

Quinn vowed that the city would not end up being a landlord for homes in foreclosure, as it did in the 1970s. "This is basically saying. 'Let's
prevent that from happening,' " she said after the speech. "The point for us
would definitely be not for us to become landlords."
Notice that those affordable units, whatever this might mean, will be available for middle-class families. For democrats middle-class has become a euphemism for people like Osegueda and Hughes. If you bought a condo in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx for half a million dollars, would you be happy having a “middle-class” neighbor such as the cry babies from Fort Meyers? Because that is what you will get for being rich in New York. Oh, and let’s make it clear, rich means having a job.


John said...

Very well said...couldn't agree with you more! I will add that I think Osegueda was hopped on something...sure acted like a tweeker to me. Yes secret service should've escorted him far away...he was a little scary!

Even worse, one channel (MSNBC or FoxNews) had him on live that night! I quickly changed the channel.

Mario M. said...

When Gramm said that we are becoming a nation of whiners, he was not too far of the mark.