Monday, July 6, 2009

140 Dead in China. No Big Deal

Riots in China caused by tensions between ethnic Muslims and Han Chinese left 140 dead. No reports are offered by the government controlled media as to how many of the dead are Uighur.

Let us imagine that these riots had occurred in Israel, France, England or the United States between Muslims and non-Muslims with 140 dead. How would the media have reported these events? I somehow doubt that the reports would have been as restrained, indifferent and condescending as they have been so far with respect to China.

I am pointing this simply to show the double standard that exists depending on the location of events. A Palestinian killed by Israelis merits page one in every important newspaper. 140 dead in China is business as usual.

Perhaps in addition to importing every conceivable crap from China, we should also import their media manipulators. They are almost as good as Obama's.

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