Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Israel has rejected a US call to halt the building of an apartment building in East Jerusalem. This is good news, even if it leads to a rift with the Obama administration. Arabs should not be given mixed messages about the future of Jerusalem. This city should remain the unified capital of Israel. Furthermore, if territories are returned to the Arabs and Jews live in them, they should be given the option of living as Jews under a Palestinian state. When Israel was founded hundreds of thousands of Arabs remained and have lived in the Jewish state with more freedom than the citizens of any Arab country. Let's reject any negotiations that include Judenrein policies.

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Ambassadors nominated by the Obama administration have brought among their many qualifications, an average of $323,900 in political contributions, and close to $40,000 to the Obama campaign. Normally I would have ignored this type of news. However, the sanctimonious attitude of the democrats when it came to Republicans makes me highlight this. I guess hypocrisy is bipartisan.

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