Friday, July 24, 2009

A Conspiracy of Silence: U.S. Media and Honor Killings

Several weeks ago, reports from Kingston, Ontario, told the story of three sisters aged 13 to 19 and another female relative, age 50, immigrants from Afghanistan, who had drowned in the Rideau Canal near Kingston. The supposedly heartsick parents told the police that their daughters had taken the car without permission, and had drowned in this accident. Today, CJAD, a Montreal radio station, reports that the parents were arrested on their way to the airport in an attempt to flee the country.

The police are investigating these deaths as honor killings.

Meanwhile, as Mark Steyn reports:

"Police say 14-year-old Kinza Kaianad died Monday evening at Kingston General Hospital as a result of injuries she sustained Saturday in a hotel pool in Gananoque, roughly 30 kilometres east of Kingston.

Her mother, 43-year-old Naila Yasmin, died in hospital on Sunday. Yasmin, Kaianad and another daughter, age 11, were found unconscious in the indoor hotel pool just before 9 a.m. Saturday.

There would seem to be a statistically improbable number of multiple drownings of
female members of Muslim families in Kingston this summer. If you're a young
female Muslim, and you have any say in the matter, you might want to vacation

[UPDATE: The third Muslim girl found in the swimming pool has died. That's seven drowned young Muslim females showing up in the same morgue within a month. In other circumstances, they'd be planning the movie with Ashley Judd or some such as the crusading feminist Assistant DA. But as the M-word's involved I expect poor Zainab Shafi and the rest will be quickly forgotten.]"
It is difficult to ascertain the number of honor killing that are taking place in Western Europe, and North and South America, but we can be sure that it is large. Actually, one would be too many.

The question that arises is why have these killings not become the topic of investigative reporting and feminist rage? Is it that the liberal left is seeing this just as part of accepting multiculturalism and the fact that Islam condones this treatment of women?

If so, why are they not willing to accept Judeo-Christian multicultural values when dealing with homosexuality and abortion.
I am more inclined to believe that the the lack of reporting has more to do with the campaign for intimidation subsidized by the Saudis and which involves lengthy and costly litigation.
The video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl probably is there too, in the back of journalist's minds.
Okay , let's go back to investigating real crimes.
Let's start in Cambridge and the horrendous and brutal treatment of professor Gates where the police acted stupidly.

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