Monday, July 20, 2009

YOUR MONEY AT WORK: Links Circulating in Conservative Blogs, reports on the contracts awarded by the government in the recovery program. Let us see how well our taxes are spent by the parasites, sorry...I mean bureaucrats in Washington:

Over 16 million dollars for canned pork. This gives a new meaning to the the concept of "Pork" in Congress.

Say cheese! If you say cheese while looking at this contract, no grin will appear in your face. 5.7 million dollars awarded for cheese.

1.5 million dollars for mozzarella. Pizza anyone?

The dumb taxpayers pay $351,000 to replace a dumbwaiter.

$1.2 million for 2 pound sliced ham. If you understand what the taxpayers get in return, please email me. I don't.

Open Sesame. $1.4 million to repair door.

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