Thursday, July 9, 2009

Read This!

Somehow, I don't feel that this picture was
given as wide a circulation as the picture of
Obama watching a teenager's ass in Italy.

Did he wipe off his hands the blood of the victims of flight Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie?

This picture turns my stomach much more than the one with Chavez. Couldn't Obama at least have the expression that Rabin had when shaking hands with Arafat? What is it about this friendly expression with a murdering maniac?

What is next? An apology for the bombing of Lybia by President Reagan?


Interesting article by Daniel Pipes concerning Salam Fayyad, who calls himself the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, accepting the idea of Jews living in the West Bank. I take all those pronouncements with cum granus salis. However, I always want to believe that a breakthrough is taking place between Arabs and Jews.

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Once again Charles Krauthammer offers the most rational and coherent analysis of the news. In today's column he writes about the uselessness of the arms reductions treaty that the neophyte president has signed in Moscow. Must read if you are interested in the ramifications of seemingly good hearted actions. The road to hell continues being paved with good intentions.

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Leaders at G-8 meeting command the earth to cool off by 2 degrees. I hope that while they did so, the music in the background was The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Anonymous said...

Good point. No question the blogosphere looks for the most shocking stuff, not the most frightening.

C. Onserv Ative said...

Obama might as well give the nukes he intends to destroy directly to Ahmadenijad. Why waste our money destroying them? Trade them for some climate-desroying petroleum.

Mario M. said...

Very perceptive comments. Sounds like a relative of mine.