Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glenn Beck. A Modern Day Cassandra

As could have been expected, the attacks against Glenn Beck have increased in direct proportion to his ratings. Since joining FOX, his ratings boomed and viewership went from the hundreds of thousand to millions.

Interestingly, the attacks have included some conservatives, such as Charles Murray and Ramesh Ponnuru. Of course, the conservatives like the message but blame the messenger for Beck's style. For example, Charles Murray states that he TIVOed Beck’s program for several weeks and although he agrees with Beck 95% of the time, he didn’t like inaccuracies that Beck placed on his chalkboard. As his only example he lists Beck’s attribution to Jefferson of the following: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” "Jefferson never said this," claims Murray. Hours of recorded programs and this is all he could come with? He instructs anyone interested to Google the quote and check it out. Well, I did so. And there are enough sources attributing this to Jefferson as to make it attributable. If not, let’s complain about all the made up and inaccurate quotes that one hears constantly from experts on TV.

This includes misquoting Palin with quotes from SNL to misquoting or making up quotes about the environment.On the other hand the left and the MSM have labeled Beck a fear monger for seeing the Progressive agenda as a threat to democracy. They claim that he uses snippets of speeches or videos out of context.

Can these claimants be a little more explicit? In what context did Anita Dunn refer to Mao as her favorite political philosopher? What is missing from Van Jones’s statement that environmentalists and business conglomerates are complicit in poisoning black neighborhoods? Where is the out of context of Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers statements?

As for his being a fear monger, this is claimed by people and organizations that do not hesitate to claim that unless we destroy our free market economy, life on earth is about to end. Or politicians who claim that millions will die in America unless we pass a health care bill. Or President Obama's claim that the economy would never recover without a porkstimulus bill is passed.

And Beck is the fear monger?

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