Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jumping to Conclusions

As I was watching the news reports on the developments in Ft Hood, I couldn't help but cringe at the number of times that I kept hearing different variations of the "Let's not jump to conclusions" mantra. Even president Obama gave us this exhortation and cautioned against a backlash against Muslims. I guess he was worried that the Saudi king would be upset. In his next visit, Obama will have to bow even deeper than he did last time they met.
Yet, the media itself was far from following this advise. Only that they jumped to conclusions that were palatable to the liberal, left wing mindset. They cannot watch a terror attack without jumping to conclusions as to the reasons that pushed the attacker to commit this brutal act. The early reports refrained from giving us the name of the shooter even though it was already circulating on the Internet thanks to Drudge. News organizations were worried that we might jump to conclusions that will taint the peace loving Muslim community. When the name of Major Malik Nidal Hasan was finally released, the media “jumped to the conclusion” that he was an American convert to Islam. We wouldn’t want viewers to assume that someone born into the Muslim faith could commit such an act.

But eventually we found out that Hasan was indeed born and raised a Muslim. When this was reported, the media had no choice but to go into spin and victimology mode. We were told that Hasan was a troubled man, afraid of being deployed to Afghanistan. He didn’t want to treat killers of Muslims; he was discriminated against by the military. He was given a poor evaluation report; he was against the war. At no point did our enlightened reporters use the dreaded ”T’” word. Terrorist. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

The fact is that Hasan is a terrorist who committed an act of terror, and did so in the name of Islam, a religion that he was born into, practiced and proselytized. The last words out of his mouth before squeezing the triggers in his guns were Allah u-akhbar, the battle cry of Islamists and suicide bombers.

The insanity defense is not valid. Only insane people carry on Islamic and suicide terrorism. Does anyone really believe that those who got into airplanes on September 11, 2001 were normal people? Palestinians have long sought people with psychological problems to strap on dynamite belts and blow themselves up. The fanaticism of Islamism and the concept of Jihad are a manifestation of a mental disorder. Whether the insanity is genetic or inflicted makes no difference. Islamism is insanity.

As for the fearful Muslim community in America, you can demonstrate you loyalty to this country not just by condemning the acts of terror, which you always do with the qualifier “however,” but by massively demonstrating against terror. We are aware that you are a community capable of mobilizing. We saw this in France and Denmark. We see it in the West Bank and Gaza. In Islamabad, Berlin and London. But always to demonstrate against the homelands that gave you the freedom and financial security that you never had in your native lands.

It’s about time that the Muslim community in the West realizes that you cannot live in the 21st century economically and in the 10th century culturally.

Major Hasan was not forced into the military, he volunteered. Muslims around the world were not forced to move to the West, and they are not forced to remain here.

However, Muslims shouldn’t worry. Whatever atrocity they commit, it will be explained and excused by the spineless media.

And yes, I jumped to this conclusion.

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