Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank You New Jersey and Virginia!

Bye, Bye!

Twelve month ago, the Republican Party was dead, and the American electorate was ready for European socialism. Democrats decided they could stealthily place one sixth of the economy in the hands of a federal bureaucracy in the form of nationalized healthcare. A reevaluation of the social and moral values of the nation was on the way. At least that’s what the pundits told us.

Last night the electorate in some of the most liberal states in the Union hit the political brakes and sent a message to the ruling elites who are now running the country: “You have misinterpreted last year’s results.”

The fact is that in 08' Americans were in the midst of an economic crisis, disappointed with Bush’s bailout of Wall Street, tired of a two front war, and enthralled by the possibility of a electing a charismatic black and a great communicator. Americans were convinced that he would govern from the right of center. Others voted for Obama expecting to see the disappearance of the racial whores headed by Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Last night the pundits and the mainstream media were proven wrong. Americans are far from being the revolutionaries they were portrayed to be. New Jersey and Virginia elected Republicans by tremendous margins. New York reelected Bloomberg, who many seem to have forgotten, is a Republican, although with a small “r”.

Another election result was discussed less but is of major important for the message it sends to social engineers all across the nation. This was the repeal by Maine of a law that would have allowed the marriage of same sex couples. This is a message with tremendous resonance coming from the heart of liberal New England. Civil union, yes, gay marriage, no.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the homes and offices of congressmen and senators who have kept repeating that Americans want Obamacare. Yesterday’s results mean fixing healthcare, not revolutionizing or appropriating it.

Democrats are now on damage control mode spinning and giving us the talking points of the White House. They want us to believe that these results were just the result of local problems. What contempt for the American voter.

If Democrats would have won in Virginia and New Jersey, we would be told ad nauseum that it meant an endorsement of the policies of Obama and his cohort in Congress. Since the Democrats lost, the opposite is true.

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