Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lousy joke. But is it anti-Semitic?

Did Obama's National Security Advisor James Jones, tell a bad joke or was he being anti-Semitic?

I always cringe when I hear politicians start a speech with a joke. The delivery usually stinks, and the outcome is always the opposite of what was intended. Having said this, and after watching the video of Jones, I believe that he intended to be funny, and was as funny as Kerry telling students to study hard or they will end up in Iraq, thus implying that soldiers are uneducated.

Suppose that Condoleezza Rice, or Brent Scowcroft, or Stephen Hadley had told Jones’s joke. Now let us ask the following: How long would have taken for the media and democratic leadership to demand his/her resignation? How long would have taken for Bill Clinton to remind us that words count?

How long would have taken for his/her resignation to be in the Oval Office?

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