Friday, April 23, 2010

Something to Read This Weekend

Professor Victor David Hanson on U.S.-Israel relations.  Is Obama enagering the Jewish State by pandering to the Muslim world?

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If you love baseball, or for that matter, any sport, and if your team is a consisten loser, reat this article by Dr. Charles Krauthammer. 

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Are you feeling guilty because you were opposed to the government bailout of GM, and now you you read that GM has repaid billions? Well, take it easy. You were right.

What you weren’t told was that GM was able to repay the money by drawing down on a line of credit that it had from TARP! In other words, GM took funds still available to it through TARP and used those funds to repay the loan it received from the government. Of course, it now owes $4.7 billion on its line of credit with TARP, but, that doesn’t make for good news, so it wasn’t reported.
So what were the employees at the SEC doing while the economy imploded or exploded?  Well, surfing the Internet.  Read more about it.

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