Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Israel

A report in today’s New York Times explains the shift in policy towards Israel that the Obama administration is implementing. Reading this article is frightening, because we see Obama stating that the Arab-Israeli conflict is “costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.” This canard used by the anti-Israeli left is libelous and dangerous. What does Obama mean by costing American blood? When was the last time an American soldier died defending Israel? Or is Obama one of those who think that September 11 would not have occurred if the Palestinians had a state.

Does he think that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought because of Israel? The Islamic Revolution in Iran, Saddam Hussein, Hezballah, the rise of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Yemen, OPEC, Sudan, Somalia, massacres in Indonesia, bombings in Bali, London, Madrid and Moscow, Islamic terrorism in the Philippines, are but some samples of terrorism and conflicts that have nothing to do with Israel.

Without a shift in policy or arm-twisting by the U.S., Israel was ready to give the Palestinians 97% of what they request. Ask former president Clinton what was Arafat’s response. Finally, Obama and his State Department should stop referring to construction in East Jerusalem as settlement building. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and not a piece of land up for negotiations.

Well, if American supporters of Israel get ulcers over the new policies of Obama towards Israel, at least they will have Obamacare.

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In the United Kingdom, regulators for the Advertising Standard Agency have prohibited the use pictures of the Wailing Wall in Israeli tourism ads because they are deemed as misleading and as giving the impression that the Wailing Wall is in Israel when it actually is in "occupied territory."

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