Wednesday, September 15, 2010

French Senate passes ban on full Muslim veils

In a report from France, AP reports about France's senate passing a ban on veils and burkas that completely cover women's faces.

What caught my attention in this report was the need that this news agency had to insert commentary and moral equivalency. In particular, I was appalled by the following paragraph:

Many Muslims believe the legislation is one more blow to France's No. 2 religion, and risks raising the level of Islamophobia in a country where mosques, like synagogues, are sporadic targets of hate.
If the reporters would have done their homework, they would have mentioned that the "sporadic" attacks on synagogues, Jewish organizations and Jews wearing yarmulkes or stars of David, are in their vast majority perpetrated by Muslims.

My prediction is that if this law is declared constitutional, France will not enforce it.  As it is now in France, whole neighborhoods are closed to French non-Muslim authorities.  No French cop will dare to fine persons wearing face covering veils.  I write persons, because we don't know who is underneath a veil.  There were instances of terrorists and criminals attempting to avoid recognition by wearing Muslim garb that covers the face.

Memo to veil wearing Muslims around the world:  It is not mandatory to immigrate to the West.

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