Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They Talk About Me Like A Dog

In an off the cuff remark made by Barack Obama during a Labor Day speech in Wisconsin, he referred to criticisms of his policies by "special interests" as talking about him like a dog.

What did he mean by this comment? Is this the infusion of race into criticism of his administration? After all in the old days, blacks were considered less than human. Is this a remark suggested by Maxine Waters?

In any Third World nation a speech where a president makes a similar comment would be the prelude to armed forces around the legislature and the judiciary. This could not happen here, but I have the strange feeling that deep in his heart Barack Obama would really like fatigues, a cigar, and the ability to implement his agenda a la Chavez.

And this agenda includes now the infusion of an additional 50 billion dollars for stimulus, and the creation of a national bank to finance the the rebuilding of our infrastructure.

Obama, who would you put in charge of this bank? Barney Frank or some of the former Chairmen of Board of Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac?

Barack Obama, it was you and the partisan left to which you belong that talked about Nixon and Reagan, and W. as if they were dogs. And they licked their wounds, no pun intended, and continued fighting for what they believed in, and in Nixon's case, he resigned. But never has any of them said that they were treated like a dog. Because they weren't. They were treated like politicians are treated in a democracy. Criticism is part of the game. Or have you forgotten how you spoke about your predecessor before and after you became president? If he would have said that he was talked about like a dog he would have been a thousand times more justified than you. But he was too much of a gentleman to utter such ridiculous words.

So my advice to you Mr. President, is to stick to prepared remarks and don't take your eyes of the teleprompter, because every time you say something unscripted you offer us material to criticize you. And then you accuse us of talking to you like a dog, which we do not. We talk about you like a failed president. And I mean this with the utmost respect.

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