Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Turn To Be Offended

With the debate over the building of a mosque near Ground Zero, and the burning of the Koran in Greenville Florida, I couldn’t help but wonder where the pundits, experts and commentators were coming from when commenting on those events. Again and again I listened to variations of the same sentence: “These events will radicalize moderate Muslims,” or “These events will be used as a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda.”

I can just imagine the following scenario. A café in Kabul. A “moderate” Muslim sipping a cappuccino with his wife. He is reading Time Magazine, Le Figaro or Der Spiegel while his wife is looking at the Vogue issue offering the latest designs in Burkas. This moderate Muslim carries in his pocket a copy of the Federalist Papers and uses a copy of the American Declaration of Independence as a marker. While he reads he is softly whistling some notes of The Marseilles. Suddenly, he reads a paragraph in one of the magazines about a preacher with a fifty members congregation in Florida who has decided to burn a Koran on September 11. In the next page he reads that there is a debate over where to place a mosque in downtown Manhattan. A tear is running down the “moderate” Muslim cheek. “I wanted so much to love you, infidels, but you kept putting my faith down.” Death to you!

Next he runs to the nearest Taliban recruiting station and volunteers to go to Times Square where he will place an SUV loaded with explosives.

Well, this seems to be the scenario present by Western Media. The reality is quite different. Let us start by defining moderates. It seems that when defining moderates in the Muslim world the mainstream media and the left seem to refer to Muslims who do not want to decapitate us, but only require that we submit. By this criteria, they show that they hold the Muslims as fragile beings that require preferential treatment. Lets not offend them or they may want to kill us.

But where are the moderates we hear so much about? Where are the demonstrations of the moderates? Where is the Peace Now or the anti War movement in the Muslim world? Well, say my liberal leftists friends. In the Muslim world they live oppressed by dictatorial regimes and are afraid to demonstrate in the streets.


Then where are the Muslims that live in freedom in Europe, and North and South America? Millions live in free countries where the only time they take to the streets is to threaten and intimidate. Like rabid animals they yell in our faces. And our spineless leaders, and our media, and our college professors keep talking about the peaceful Muslims whose religion was hijacked by a small minority.


Is this information based on some accurate polls or is it based on typical liberal knee-jerk reaction? Because my poll is the most efficient one. It is the poll of how many Muslims are silent in the face of the violence of their coreligionists. And their number is in the hundreds of millions.

So on this September 11, it is my turn to be offended by Muslim behavior that makes the Greenville pastor look like Mahatma Gandhi.

I am offended whenever I see a hole in the ground where the World Trade Center stood.

I am offended by the decapitation of Daniel Pearl and other westerners.

I am offended by Muslims who burn the American Flag.

I am offended by the burning of the Israeli flag which contains a Star of David. A sacred symbol to Jews.

I am offended by Muslim denial of the Holocaust.

I am offended by the stoning of women and the execution of homosexuals.

I am offended by Muslims burning the Bible in Gaza while persecuting Christian Arabs.

I am offended by the persecution of Copts in Egypt.

I am offended by Muslim violence against non-Muslims in Nigeria.

I am offended by Muslims destroying my civilization because they don’t like a cartoon of Mohammed.

I am offended by Muslim cabdrivers who refuse to take a blind man with his seeing-eye dog because the dog is considered impure.

I am offended by Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan scheduling football practices from 11 P.M. to 4 A.M. during Ramadan to accommodate Muslim students.

I am offended by taxpayer-supported public schools in Detroit serving Halal food.

I am offended by channel RTL2 in Germany flashing onscreen notices indicating the start and end of the Ramadan fast while nothing similar is done for other religions.

I am offended by public schools in the United States allocating prayer areas for Muslim students during Ramadan without the ACLU complaining.

I am offended by the municipality of Helsinborg in Sweden allocating 30,000 kronor to subsidize Muslim students disseminating religious information about Ramadan to the public.

I could list more examples of offensive behavior on the part of Muslims, but the ones listed are enough to show where I am coming from.

Since I don't believe in killing those I don't agree with, my way of dealing with those who offend me is simple.  I will give you some constructive advise.

You came to West  voluntarily.  If you are unhappy here, go back to the place that makes you happy.  Don't go around trying to change us.  It took us a long time to achieve freedom and equality under a democratic system, and we are not ready to give it up.

If you find Hollywood or our entertainment offensive, don't go see American movies.  While on the subject, I read that in Saudi Arabia, Wahhabis have a thriving blac market business selling forbidden movies.  Hypocrites.

If you want to live under Sharia law, I am sure that there is a cave in Afghanistan where you can join others in a lifestyle taken out of the Middle Ages.

 And if you are really a moderate Muslim who loves this country, it would be really nice to see you every once in a while waiving the flag in support of the country where you reside. 

Finally, if you are asked by a reporter if you condemn Islamic terrorism, answer without qualifiers.  The question doesnt require mentioning the West Bank or Gaza, where by the way, Arabs live much better than their compatriots in the Muslim world.

You are either with us or against us.  Make up your mind fast because we are losing patience.

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