Friday, September 17, 2010

Mosque Shock: School Rocked by Field Trip Vid of Kids Bowing to Allah

Having worked in public schools, I remember the difficulties encountered by anyone who wanted to put a bulletin board with some religious images, or the complaints by teachers over a small Christmas tree on secretary's desk. Social Studies teachers had to bend over backwards when teaching elements related to religion. But all this began to change in the last decade when anti-religious criticism was allowed only when teaching Judeo-Christian topics. With respect to Islam, social studies textbooks had to be approved by Muslims who whitewashed any references critical of jihad or Islam. As chair of the social studies department, I was inundated with invitations to get free books, magazines and field trips that upon careful investigation, I found were financed by the Saudi embassy.

Here we have a video of a middle school in Massachusetts who did not do its homework. Watch it and imagine the same event taking place in a Baptist, Catholic or Jewish house of worship.

The rest needs no comment:

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Bian V Hunt said...

Mosques in the US, Canada and Europe are commonly funded by various petro-dollar rich Arabs. These same men also pay the salaries of mosques’ officials and thereby control the jihads message the imams deliver. Our children should be protected from these dishonest people and their vile plans to convert our kids to their violent antidemocratic theology.