Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About the Situation in Israel

Still on vacation, but here are some interesting Israeli links.

The IDF has placed its own videos on YouTube. It offers an alternative to the mainstream media.

Caroline Glick has an article in The Jerusalem Post about Hamas new Sharia criminal laws that among other things it includes the legalization of crucifixion. I guess it was done in the spirit of the season.

The Washington Post has an article about innocent Gazans suffering. Innocent Israelis suffered under a barrage of 4000 Qassam missiles, now it's their turn. Besides, if the Gazans elected Hamas and allow the storage of weapons in civilian buildings, how innocent can they be?

The usual anti-Israelis and anti-Semites are using "humanitarian efforts" to make Israel look bad. Cynthia McKinney is among them. Case closed.

Paper on the international legal issues of the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

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