Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will Work for Louis Vuitton Purses

The International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times, has taken its reporting about the economic crisis to new heights of ridiculousness when it printed an article on the impact of the crisis on prostitution. A report from Prague explains how this city, now a major destination for sex tourism, copes with a diminution in clientele to its brothels.

The article is mostly an analysis of prostitution full of the typical clich├ęs about legalization, prostitutes and Johns. “Everybody needs sex,” explains a person who in the past would have been called a pimp but is now described as a marketing manager who looks like Harry Potter. Profound.

I guess that the article was intended as a serious look into the oldest profession in the midst of a recession, but it is difficult to worry about whores when millions are losing their jobs.

The most hilarious quote of this article has to be when Ester, an eighteen year old prostitute, is quoted saying that “big-spending clients had diminished, but noted that she was still earning nearly €3,000 a month, enough to pay rent and to pay for her favorite Louis Vuitton purses.” Remember when prostitutes had a heart of gold and worked to pay for the education of a kid brother? Now the motivation is Louis Vuitton.

I hope former governor Spitzer doesn't read this blog. Otherwise I can just see him buying a Louis Vuitton purse and a one way ticket to Prague. Do you think Mrs. Spitzer would mind?

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